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Meet Our Owner

About Our Company 

Napad General Contractor LLC is a remodeling company located in Hillsboro, Oregon. We are a women-owned company that hires the best subcontractors  for all your remodeling needs.


Our Mission 

Our goal is to provide homeowners with the best service. Our company’s top priorities are quality, value, safety, and our customer’s satisfaction.

Natacha Dorsaint, Owner

Our owner is a mother of three beautiful daughters. She’s described as a kind, determined, caring, yet strict person. Before starting up her company, she used to work in the medical field for 14 years and 7 years in customer service and management.

She always had the desire to have her own business and an interest in real estate and building. With her friend’s help, she  launched Napad General Contractor LLC for business in March 2019. In 2022, she  graduated with the highest honors with three associates degrees at Portland community College in  Building Construction Technology, Interior Design Remodeling and Construction Management. 

To her, the company’s not just for contracting, but also a family business for the sake of her children. As a family person, she thought about the company’s slogan “New Generation in Business” with her children in mind. Her daughters even helped her with designing the company’s logo.

Her advice to women of all ages who are aspiring to go in the contracting industry:

“Go for it! And don’t be afraid to use a pink logo while you’re doing it.”

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